I'm a consultant since many years. I have developed many websites and have been a consultant to many educational public institutions of the XX district of Rome for which I produced and maintained the website.

I worked as a consultant for the National Association of Labour Invalids where I took care of the management of the online database of members, staff training and development of new Asp.Net applications.

I created some online forms for all the public schools of Lazio to detect the amount of students and of buldings, committed by Ufficio Scolastico Regionale del Lazio. I was a member for a short time of the technical secretariat of Director R. Sanzo.

I am a member of Zonabit Systemi srl, a company that deals with fraud prevention, software for school timetable and shifts scheduling and other NP-complete problems: I work as a database expert, programmer and webmaster.

I created the databases for many business and have managed projects independently, also coordinating the work of other people.
I worked as a consultant for Adimedia (Unicity group), Frames , Efesto Informatica and others.
(more details can be found in my CV that can be downloaded from the site itself)

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